Irina Vucheva - Certified EFT Master, VIHRIOM Healer
As a trained EFT therapist and VIHRIOM Healer, I understand how trauma, oppression, life challenges, loss, and major transitions can lead us to feel disconnected from ourselves and others. I guide individuals in reconnecting with their deeper selves and addressing their needs through the use of EFT therapy and other therapeutic modalities, such as Art therapy and VIHRIOM System. In my work with children and adolescents, I use relational art therapy to help young people process and move through difficult experiences, while building self-regulation skills.  I prioritize a client-directed, relational approach that empowers the client to work with their own self knowledge. My role is to support my clients in accessing their natural tendency toward health and in becoming their own advocates. Whether you are struggling with past trauma, depression and anxiety, lack of self-confidence.I will work with great compassion guiding you to effectively make changes and  discover and create new habits that better serve you in creating  thr life that you want.Our darkest moments and greatest challenges can lead to the most powerful transformation.     
Tanya  lewis - Certified Reiki Master, Meditation Guide
I breathe, walk and talk about Reiki. The Reiki transfer and Energy Chakra Meditation are healing modalities for Balance, Inner Peace, Wellness and Optimal Performance. I am passionate about making the world a better place by examples of self-love and service to others. On a daily basis I spent a lot of time delivering Reiki sessions in Person and long distance. A lot of my clients are getting certified in Reiki after they experience the benefits on themselves. I aspire to embody the Reiki principles in everything I do.  The services offered by me are the following: 
•Reiki Sessions in Person / Long Distance Reiki Sessions /Chakra clearing and Balance/ Guided Meditation/ Mindfulness Meditation
• Reiki Certifications
Marty Lazarov - Certified Personal Trainer
I believe that “hitting the gym’ should be a fun experience as well as a progressive one. Ever since I have started lifting I have never once had a boring workout session. Why is that? Because I make my workout programmes with more diversity as it helps develop endurance, body toning, muscle gain, fat loss, and most importantly gain overall strength. Strength for me is not just lifting heavy, it is all about being as fit as you can. Strength is never a weakness. Having the ability to able to perform at your best whenever you want and standing out from the crowd, really does give a confidence boost for yourself and the mentality that you can achieve whatever you desire. With my guidance and your dedication, we can both achieve our goals. My personal goal is to make the world a better place to lift by helping as many people as I can to become more energetic, healthy and athletic. What is your goal?
Vladi Lazarov -  Certified Personal Trainer
Diets are boring and intimidating, that is why I believe in eating healthy. Living healthy builds up endurance, allows you to be more dynamic and proactive which leads up to you achieving your goals without even knowing. There seems to be a big imbalance in the large STRESS scale. Every day we expose our mind to stress and the same should go with our bodies. By workout out, we slowly build up a very strong base on which new layers will add up such as self-confidence, healthy mindset, endurance and longevity. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes many repetitions, many sets and dedication to reach the end goal. I will be by your side to guide you and show you the way, no matter of the ups or downs there may be in the path, I will be there.Everyone is different, but we all share the same skill and that is: CHANGE. You are the one to determine what your personal records are, but how will you achieve them and when.
The journey into alternative healing is a calling from our soul to connect to our best self but only when we finally gather the strength to look deep within. Holistic healing has been the best practice that we personally went through for many years in order to heal, grow and manifest our life purpose. We would love to show you howthese easy yet profound practices can help you discover your true potential. collaborates with heart-centered and pure intentioned talent on a joint venture projects.We can guide you or your group to self-acceptance and self-discovery.